Sunday, September 23, 2007

Socionics Resources

So far there are not many establish English sources on Socionics, since most of the psychological community surrounding it speaks primarily in Russian. However, there are several sites of note, where information should be taken as a whole, and with a grain of salt.

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Aushra Agusta - Dmitri Lytov - Rick Delong - Other

Aushra Augusta

Aushra Agusta (1927—2005) "Aušra Augustinavičiūtė," was the founder of Socionics. A Lithuanian political economics professor, she pulled from the works of Carl Gustav Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers, and Polish psychiatrist Antoni Kepinksi to form the basis of Socionics.

Dmitri Lytov

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Dmitri Lytov is a Russian translator, socionics scholar, and web developer who has created several English sites. He is fluent in Russian, Ukranian, English, German, and Dutch. Lytov lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Recommended Sites: Type and theory resource translated from Russian.
The Socionist. Articles and further discussions of Socionics by Delong.
  • Extensive Socionics basics, IM elements, types, etc. descriptions.
  • Issues Dicussion.
  • Socionics self-help articles.
  • Social Phenomena discussion
  • Typing Teachings and (religious) Movements.
  • Much, much more. A collaborative and extensive wiki project with contributions from many members of the Socionics community.

Rick Delong

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Rick Delong is an American-Ukranian member of the Socionics community and is familiar with the International Institute of Socionics. He has been a scholar of Socionics for almost a decade, taught by a local Socionist where he currently resides in Kiev, Ukraine.

Fluent in Russian and English, he seeks to correct serious misinterpretation that can happen in the West without contact with the actual socionics community: "I hope my site will serve as a bridge to the socionics community and the way socionics is actually understood here in the Russian speaking world."

Recommended Sites: A bridge between the Russian and English Socionics communities.


Recommended Sites: Popular Socionics site.
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  • Interesting Caricatures.
International Institute of Socionics. Russian Socionics community base. Socionics database and forum.
  • Type descriptions, etc. Alternative Socionics forum.

Scientific Englightenment Institute. Socionics information website.

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