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NiFe - IEI Romantic

Model A:
E4-E6-E9 range

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Ego Block: NiFe

Strong + Valued

The INFp percieves with the greatest depth and clarity and verbalizes with the greatest ease the aspects of reality having to do with trends and patterns happening in the past and future and the emotional processes that are taking place in people, their excitation or subduedness, and their moods.

Base Function: Ni

She perceives, processes, and produces information concerning trends and patterns over time most intensively. She constantly and inadvertently makes judgments, assessments, and assumptions about relationships based on what she sees as recurring trends from past behavior.

Creative Function: Fe

The NiFe makes contact by attempting to influence positive emotions, in order to create something worthy of being included in interaction. Her speech and voice convey drama and depth of feeling. She is a natural at observing offense and helping make amends. She takes the blame in order to show acceptance and good will.

Id Block: NeFi

Strong + Undervalued

The INFp perceives with understanding but finds rather unengaging her observations of the aspects of reality concerning the potential of people an objects around her to reach possible goals and the aspects of reality concerning a need for people's wishes, desires, or interests to be fulfilled by certain things or experiences. She sees these things as unengaging exercise, good for sharpening one's skills, but not more than that.

Demonstrative Function: Fi

The NiFe has a strong subtle awareness of the implicit ethical roles and rules existing between people within the broader context of relationships in the world. Because of this she may adequately observe and understand that it is right to respect the rote or routine aspects of fulfilling these expected roles, and that it will further these established relationships to follow them, such as showing deference and respect to those who are considered to be in such positions. These may be her caretakers, her teachers, her rulers, her children, her friends, her idols, etc.

But her valued functions get in the way, and it becomes a battle where such understandings of relational deference easily get tossed to the wayside. So often this entails neglect or dismissal of such obligations, deeming them as unimportant, although understood quite well. If nothing else perks her interest at the moment, at any point she chooses, she may take them up again.

This is to say, if she has an opportunity to engage in Ni daydreaming or speculation, Fe playfulness or discovery of motives, Se mobilization and inspiration to do accomplish her will, or Ti inquisitiveness to discover the nature of meaning, she will likely be ignoring her implicitly understood Fi regulations at the time, and will likely behave in a way that ignores such boundaries or assumptions.

Super-Id Block: SeTi

Weak + Valued

The INFp can only perceive in shallow and fuzzy ways the aspects of reality concerning her ability to make use of her willpower or position and exercise her will in opposition to others and the aspect of reality concerning objective qualities or measurements of one fact over another bereft of the interests and needs of other people. She appreciates direct help in understanding these areas, seeing the task of engaging them as bothersome chores best left to others and but also as a source of occasional recreation.

Mobilizing Function: Se

She is awed in the face of someone adept at using their willpower or position and exercise their will in opposition to others. Just their presence enlivens her. She cannot get enough of it.

Suggestive Function: Ti

She desires help in the area of understanding and percieving objective measurements of on thing's logicalness related to another things' illogicalness, but past a certain point such judgement is seen as overkill.

Super-Ego Block: SiTe

Weak + Undervalued

She has limited endurance her in awareness of her physical inner and outer harmony and of observing the cohesiveness of processes. These are sources of self-consciousness, leading to an oscillating cycle of coping methods for competency and total rejection at the onset of exhaustion or self-criticism. In these areas she tends to be inflexible and skeptical of outer information.

Role Function: Si

Her attention to what is going on between sensations and objects in the area around her is ignored or suppressed. She is generally somewhat aware of this suppression and perceive it as a personal weakness and will sporadically "worked on" them in order to meet other people's expectations and achieve something in society.

Vulnerable Function: Te

The NiFe has limited endurance in awareness of methods to achieve her purposes without wasting any energy or producing unwanted side effects. This creates a feeling of frustration and inadequacy. She does not value the importance of this area, and it can lead to painful consequences.

Taking care of intensely detailed work that is required to reach her goals, like managing finance or being pragmatic in business ventures, will exhaust her sense of concentration and she will find it frustrating as she continually encounters mistakes.

She also hates being told what to do. She dislikes having the details of process--rote facts and statistics--thrown at her, giving more weight to a cohesive understanding of how the events within the process culminate inevitably in the result. She will distrust and dislike bossy people, and will avoid people who will assign her routine work like chores.

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  • Scientific Enlightenment Institute

    IEI has an inquisitive mind, successfully operates there, where it is necessary to inculcate, to adjust, to improve the new designs and programs. He can be unsure in himself, without initiative, nevertheless at implementation of a particular problem expends more efforts, than it is required. IEI is provident - feels perspective ideas, plans for the future. He permanently concerned by deep problems, wants to be competent and versed in everything. The poetic nature, tends to self-education.

    IEI reveals in the person not his capacities, but deficiencies, understands contradictions, which injure the soul of a person, his incompetence, unselfishness, negative emotions. IEI adjusts relations among familiars, tends to the warmest and sincere displaying, full confidence in talk, suffers if he does not receive it.

    In order to defend himself from criticism for the inherent kindness, IEI can behave demonstratively sharply and rudely, take an unshakeable position only to demonstrate the nature. IEI nothing forgets and never forgives, but does not demonstrate it, keeping exterior good nature. He deeply experiences insults, permanently tells about it his familiars, for they compensate in some way his moral loss.


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